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Bone Gap

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about the book

bone gap


Finn lives in Bone Gap, Illinois, a small town surrounded by corn fields where everyone knows everyone. Everyone also knows the town is full of gaps which cause common disappearances. For the most part, Finn is well-known and liked, though he is bullied by the Rude boys. His older brother, Sean, is loved by everyone, even the Rude boys.

Sean’s girlfriend is Roza, the beautiful, adored, and least-known girl in Bone Gap. But she mysteriously disappears. When she disappears, there are two things nobody knows: Finn loves Rosa, and Finn is the only one who knows the truth about what happened to her. She was taken by someone dangerous, someone whose face Finn can’t find the words to describe.

Nobody usually takes disappearances too seriously; it’s just what happens in Bone Gap. People leave. Finn convinces the town to conduct searches, but nothing comes up, and soon nobody believes him. Finn makes it his mission to find and rescue her.

In the meantime, Roza finds herself held captive in a mysterious netherworld. Her captor has bound her with magic spells, determined to force her to fall in love with him. She realizes that her only chance of escape is to master the enchantments which bind her.

Will Finn escape his brother’s shadow and rescue the girl of his dreams? Will Roza free herself? Or will the dangerous captor get his way?


about the author

laura ruby


Laura Ruby writes for all ages: children, middle-graders, young adults, and adults. Her books sell worldwide, including places like England, Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Why do so many age groups from all over the world like Laura’s writing so much? Especially since her children’s books aren’t like Harry Potter? (Laura is sometimes asked if she did and why she didn’t write something like Harry Potter.) Readers say they enjoy her books because they see themselves in her characters, no matter how fantastical. Laura also explores topics insightfully and honestly, with an irresistible quirky humor.

Who is Laura outside of her books? She was born in the Midwest and currently lives around Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in New Jersey by her parents, a psychologist and a cop—leading to Laura’s nosy and suspicious curiosity.

She has worked in a public library, as a server at Stuff Yer Face, and as a copywriter. Her degree in English Literature from Rutgers University led to her eventual career as a fiction writer and as a faculty member of Hamline University’s Masters in Writing for Children Program. In addition to being a featured speaker for numerous national events and conventions, she presents workshops for all ages.

Laura is married to Steve and is the stepmother of two girls. She and her family divide their time between their Chicago home and a castle in Scotland.

Author website
Author Q&A: Epic Reads

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