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Capture the Flag (Silver Jaguar Society Mystery, Book 1)

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about the book

Capture the FlagThree seventh-graders visit Washington, D.C. and while one is thrilled to be there, two are not.

Anna Revere-Hobbs, a daughter of a Vermont senator, is a budding student reporter looking for an interview with a presidential hopeful. Henry Thorn is stuck with his aunt while his dad is honeymooning with his new stepmother. Henry doesn’t want to be in DC at all. Neither does José McGilligan. For weeks, his mother has been in D.C. working on a restoration project. Now that her project is complete, they’ll head home together.

When Anna, Henry and Jose meet at the airport, Jose’s mother is not with him. She is being detained because she was the last person who saw the original flag that inspired the song “The Star Spangled Banner,” a priceless artifact stolen last night from a Smithsonian gala.

When a fierce snowstorm streaks and shuts down the airport, the three stranded children begin to wonder about the stolen flag. Could the perpetrators be stuck in the airport, too?

Anna convinces the boys to help her search for the thieves. As they investigate the vast concourses, pursue suspects on airport carts, and race through baggage handling tunnels, they discover they each have a parent who is a member of a secret organization!

This Silver Jaguar Society is dedicated to protecting the world’s artifacts, and membership is passed down only to the member’s descendents! With such historical pedigrees, Anne, José, and Henry are determined to rescue the priceless flag. But what can three kids do against organized and ruthless thieves?

teachingbooks-logoabout the author

Kate Messner


Kate Messner grew up in small town Medina, New York, and loved to write from the moment she picked up a pencil. But it never occurred to her that she could be a “real, live author.”

She studied broadcast journalism at the University of Syracuse. Kate got her best piece of advice about writing from a grouchy on-air newscaster while she interned for NBC in Syracuse. He told her to stop trying to copy other authors and find her own voice.

For seven years, Kate worked as a TV news producer and on-air reporter. But Kate inherited her family’s passion for teaching, so she went back to school. Now she is a middle school English teacher. Her students often inspire her, and she even wrote one book on the back of an attendance sheet on the bus while chaperoning a snowshoe field trip!

Kate writes everywhere, but her special place is a room just big enough for a desk, chair, and a couple of book shelves. They added the little room onto their house especially for Kate’s writing, and it overlooks Lake Champlain. Her son and daughter are always her first book readers!

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