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Code of Honor

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code of honor


Kamran Smith is living the dream.  He is popular, the star of his high school football team, and has a gorgeous girlfriend.  He is excited to graduate and go on to West Point College, joining the military like his big brother Darius, who serves as an Army Ranger.

When Darius is captured in Afghanistan and accused of being a deserter and terrorist, everything falls apart. He is blamed for the bombing of the United States embassy in Turkey, which caused 53 people to lose their lives. Unfortunately for Darius, filmed footage has been found showing him threatening the U.S.A. and hinting that he had an upcoming attack planned.

When the news about Darius becomes public knowledge, Kamran’s friends turn against him.  Then he is taken into custody and held prisoner by the United States government.  While being held, Kamran is given the opportunity to see the video of his brother and realizes that it is full of clues and codes that Kamran must break in order to restore Darius’s honor and good name.

But what will happen if he solves the mystery and the truth is not what Kamran hoped it would be?  How will he face that possibility?

teachingbooks-bookabout the author

Alan Gratz


Alan Gratz was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. He dreamed of being a Jedi master but gave up after he couldn’t control the Force. He and his friend turned to building forts in the woods, eventually inventing a whole country, complete with a constitution, official edicts, flag, maps, and money.

In grade school, Alan started writing a newspaper for his street and in fifth grade, finished his first unpublished novel, Real Kids Don’t Eat Spinach. After earning a degree in creative writing and a master’s in English Education from the University of Tennessee, Alan taught eighth-grade English and showed middle schoolers how to build catapults!

Alan now writes full time in his small study overlooking the woods in Bakersville, North Carolina. Besides writing books for young readers, he has written plays, magazine articles, and over 6000 radio commercials! In his spare time, he enjoys watching baseball, especially the LA Dodgers, the Hiroshima Carps, and the Asheville Tourists. He also likes to build chicken coops and collect action figures.

Author website

Author interview : Reading and Writing Podcast

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