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Girl, Stolen

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Girl, Stolen


Diagnosed with pneumonia, sixteen year-old Cheyenne opts to stay dozing in the idling Escalade while her stepmother runs into the pharmacy to get Cheyenne’s prescription.

When the car door opens and closes oddly, Cheyenne is startled. She knows it is not her stepmother who pulls the car out of the parking space. When she finally emerges from under her blanket, she realizes a teen boy is behind the wheel. He is stealing her car and kidnapping her!

Griffin is shocked to see the girl huddling in the back seat. He had just been stealing packages out of the parked cars and the idling Escalade had been too good to pass up. He certainly didn’t intend to take the girl. Maybe he can leave her someplace by the side of the road and just steal the vehicle?

But getting rid of her isn’t so easy. Cheyenne is blind! Griffin decides to take Cheyenne back to his dad’s place. His father will know what to do. Griffin’s dad is an abusive greedy man who runs a nasty crew of thugs that steals cars. Not caring a bit for the sick blind girl, all his dad sees is a great get-rich-scheme of ransoming off Cheyenne.

Cheyenne may be blind, but her captors underestimate her abilities. Can she manipulate Griffin, gain his sympathies, and plot an escape?

teachingbooks-logoabout the author

April HenryApril Henry was born in Portland, Oregon, and raised in the small town of Medford.

She has a very interesting family. Her dad, Hank Henry, was a WWII hero and famed pioneering radio and television broadcaster. Her maternal great-grandfather was part of an arson gang and her paternal great-grandfather gunned down his daughter’s boyfriend for kissing her!

When April was twelve, she sent author Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) a short story about a frog named Herman who loved peanut butter. It so happened that the day Roald received the story, he was meeting with an editor of an international children’s magazine. He shared April’s story with the editor, who called her and offered to publish it!

Though April sold her first story and loved reading books, she never thought she could be a writer. She went to Oregon State University and studied abroad at the University of Stuttgart, in Germany. She put herself through school working as German translator, a cook, maid, data entry clerk, and life drawing model —and jumped out of cakes. After graduating, she was a health care writer for a decade.

April’s first book garnered no interest from any agents. Her second book got her an agent and a lot of nice rejection letters. The rejection letters for her third book weren’t even nice! Her fourth book sold in two days! (Just goes to show you, never give up!) Since then she has written dozens of mysteries and thrillers for teens and adults.

Girl, Stolen is based on a news story April saw. It took several years to hunt down the blind girl who was really kidnapped. It turns out that the girl, Heather, also wants to be a writer, and April is helping Heather attain that goal.

April still lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and daughter. In her spare time, she studies kajukenbo and kung fu!

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