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Gone Fishing

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about the book

gone fishing


Let’s face it, boys are just not often into poetry…but if it is all about going fishing, that’s a whole other can of worms!

In this novel in verse, little fishermen will explore all aspects of baited hooks, nature, and a bonding day with dad…and the frustration of having a meddling little sister horn in on the fishing trip!

The more than forty hilarious poems are done in all sorts of styles. Not too knowledgeable about poetry? No worry! There an extensive “Poet’s Tackle Box” at the end of the novel, and each poem is labeled with its proper poetic form, from acoustic to tercet.

Sam is sure the whole dawn-to-dusk fishing day is ruined by pesky Lucy’s attendance, but a sibling rivalry to take the biggest catch turns the whole day into a great contest. From “Here, fishy, fish” techniques to lost stringers, both enjoy the delicious anticipation of the next bite.

Who will take the prize? You’ll be surprised!


about the author

tamera will wissinger


Tamera Will Wissinger was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa, and grew up near Badger, a tiny farming community. She loved spending time fishing with her family. They always vied to see who made the biggest catch. One of Tamera’s fondest childhood memories was hunting for worms late at night for the next day’s outing.

From a tiny tot on, she was also fascinated with the sounds that words make when they’re put together, especially in songs and poems. So naturally she was excited to learn about rhythms, rhymes, and how poets created their poems. Tamera earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Sioux Falls College and a master’s in writing for children from Hamline University. She says she had a lot to learn about writing a good children’s book. It is not as easy as it seems!

Her childhood memories inspired her to write the poem “Night Crawlers,” and that rhyme led to her first children’s book Gone Fishing. Now she feels lucky that her love of words is a part of her job!

Tamera still loves to spend time near or on the water. Although she and her husband live part of the time in Chicago, Illinois, they also have a home on a quiet river bay in South Florida. Since they have a boat, they often go fishing…and Tamera still thinks that worms are totally intriguing!

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about the illustrator

matthew cordell


Born to a long line of auto mechanics and car lovers, Matthew Cordell naturally was interested in skateboarding and something called “Art.” Naturally.

Matthew’s earliest memory is of the time his older brother’s first grade teacher, Ms. Sanders, got a hold of one of his drawings—George Washington on a horse. Ms. Sanders was really impressed by the drawing, and the satisfaction of that feeling has never left Michael.

After all his schooling was over and done, Matthew felt that his home state of South Carolina didn’t have the opportunities he would need in order to make it as an artist. So he moved up to the big city of Chicago and lived with three friends. It was the best decision he has ever made.

He met his wife, author Julie Halpern, in Chicago, who introduced him to the world of children’s book illustrations. Now he and Julie live in the Chicagoland suburbs, with their little daughter Romy.

Illustrator website
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