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Jedi Academy : 1

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about the book

jedi academy 1


In a galaxy far, far away… Roan Novachez, a boy on the planet Tatooine, dreams of going to the Star Pilot Academy, just as his brother, father, and grandfather have gone before him. But instead of the acceptance letter all his friends get, Roan learns he has been rejected! Looks like he’s the only one ending up at the boring Plant School.

But then a hand-written note arrives. He’s been accepted to the prestigious Coruscant Jedi Academy, a school that only takes toddlers. Roan never even applied there!

Once he is at his new boarding school, Roan finds himself dealing with being way older than his classmates and way behind in all his studies. He has to cope with homesickness, alien and robot students, finding a place to sit in the cafeteria, field trips to strange places, weird school tournaments, and lightsaber-weilding bullies who can lift things with their mindsAs if that isn’t bad enough, there is the Wookie gym teacher and the very short and old, green headmaster with pointy ears who are both impossible to understand.

And what is this thing, The Force?

Middle school is hard enough, no matter what planet you are on. Now Roan’s got all this to deal with. If only he could get his combination lock open? At least that would be a start!


about the author

jeffrey brown


Jeffrey Brown was a shy, quiet kid in school, the one who doodled all the time. His father, a theological seminary professor, reminisces about car rides he shared with Jeffrey right after he graduated with a fine arts degree from Hope College. While chatting on the long commute to Jeffrey’s job in Holland, Michigan, Jeffrey would take a gum wrapper out of his pocket, write something on it, and stick it back in his pocket. Great, his dad would think, now he was going to end up in one of Jeffrey’s comics—again!

Jeffrey went on to earn a graduate degree from the Art Institute of Chicago. His first work was a quirky autobiographical comic called Clumsy about his love life. Sold first as just pages stapled together, it was eventually picked up by Top Shelf. His Matter of Life talks about his religious childhood. More acclaimed graphic novels followed.

Now years later, Jeffrey is known as the alternative cartoonist’s alternative cartoonist. Going in two directions, his comics either chronicle bittersweet romances or present absurd superhero parodies. His drawings are sketchy, out of proportion, and awkward, setting the mood for everyday life and the humorous fiction he is going for.

Jeff spends four to five hours drawing every day. Besides creating award-winning comics and films, Jeffrey also teaches at the Chicago School of The Art Institute. He lives in Chicago with his wife, two sons, and over 900 CDs! His son Oscar is also a budding comic creator—mostly drawing sea creatures and dinosaurs.

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Jedi Academy : 2 : Return of the Padawan by Jeffrey Brown
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