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Jinx (Book 1)

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about the book

JinxAfter his father was killed by werewolves and his mother carried off by elves, Jinx is being raised by Bergthold and his wife, who believe Jinx is cursed. With a hard autumn and a worse winter coming, Jinx’s stepparents figure that he is best disposed of. So Bergthold takes Jinx into the forbidden forest with plans to abandon him.

Every child knows that they must never stray into the woods. The forest of Urwald belongs to the trees and the deadly creatures that inhabit it. Bergthold loses his way, and when the two come upon a wizard, Bergthold offers to sell Jinx. Suddenly, trolls crash through the trees and carry the screaming Bergthold off! The trolls don’t see Jinx, because the wizard, Simon Magus, made him invisible!

Jinx knows wizards are dangerous beings, but night is falling and Jinx has no place to go, so he follows Simon home. Jinx can see emotions, that look like colorful clouds around people’s heads. Simon’s clouds are blue and green, and though he is more cranky than evil, Simon appears to be no threat; Jinx feels fairly safe.

The wizard apprentices Jinx, who learns a little magic; he comes to know the forest, can summon its power, and learns the language of the trees. They call him The Listener. He encounters witches, werewolves and elves.

When Jinx falls from a cliff and dies, Simon’s magic is the only thing that keeps the situation from being permanent, but saving Jinx’s life has interfered with his sixth sense.

Jinx meets two others with magical problems: Elfwyn, a girl cursed with truthfulness, and Reven, a dangerous king who the trees call The Terror. Together they set off on a search for a powerful wizard, The Bonemaster, who might be able to help them.

Or not.

The Bonemaster is known to suck the life out of others with a straw!

teachingbooks-logoabout the author

Sage BlackwoodAccording to her official bio, “Sage Blackwood lives at the edge of a large forest, with thousands of books and a very old dog, and enjoys carpentry, cooking, and walking in the woods of New York State.” Truth is, if you look for Sage in any woods, you aren’t likely to find her. Sage Blackwood is a pen name!

Her real name is Karen Schwabach, and she has been writing historical novels for a while. Jinx and its two sequels are her first forays into fantasy fiction.

Karen grew up in Gilbertsville, New York, and both of her parents are writers, so she was basically brought up in the book business. She also had a quirky elementary school teacher, Mr. Coster, who used to call her in during recess and go on and on about how she was going to be an author. Karen wasn’t so sure about that. During these awkward meetings, she tended to just shift from foot to foot uncomfortably. She should have paid more attention to Mr. Coster. He could have saved her a lot of self-doubt!

After attending Antioch College and the University of Albany, Karen taught English as a second language in the Yup’ik Inuit village of Chefornak. Now she lives in New York and writes full time.

Jinx started years ago when Karen first imagined the forest, Urwald. Then she thought up of Elfwyn and Simon Magus. Karen wasn’t sure if he was good or evil. One day when she was sitting on her porch drawing these characters, Jinx just popped up. Her first thought was of Simon strangling Jinx, but then Simon just refused to do that. Karen had to figure out what really happens and so she started to doodle some more. The story just grew.

Jinx almost did not get published. Karen mistakenly thought the letter she received from a publisher asking for revisions was a rejection letter. Luckily her sister straightened her out!

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