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Little Cat’s Luck

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about the book

little cat's luck


Patches is an indoor calico cat. She’s been searching for a special place that’s “hidden away, / snug, / dark, / quiet… / very, very quiet.” But not one room in the house fits that description. They’re all too open, too noisy, or too smelly!

Then she sees something falling through the window. “The golden leaf / wafted / this way / and that / as though it meant / to go anywhere / but / down.” With her tail twitching, Patches springs at the window—and gets through! The screen was loose!

Chasing the leaf until it disappears, Patches knows she needs to search outside for her special place. Why does she need to go on this search? She doesn’t know, not yet.

As she faces some dangerous situations, including the scariest dog in town, will Patches find what she’s looking for?teachingbooks-book

about the author

Marion Dane BauerMarion Dane Bauer grew up in the prairie town of Oglesby, Illinois, in the shadow of a cement mill. To some, it might have not seemed ideal, but to her it was paradise. She loved the banging trains, plant whistles, and puffy smoke from the tall industrial chimneys.

Her father was a chemist at the mill, her mother was a loving stay-at-home mom, and her older brother, Willis, had tons of boys to play with. Unfortunately, there were few friends for Marion.

Marion started kindergarten at the age of four, younger than most. Though she was a good student and got along with all the teachers, she was not well accepted by her classmates. Marion says “There was no way to get around it…I was a nerd!” Looking back now, she wonders how being an outsider helped her writing process.

She intended to study journalism but switched to teaching programs at the University of Missouri and the University of Oklahoma. Marion met and married Ronald Bauer, an Episcopal priest. She taught briefly in Wisconsin and Minnesota. After the birth of their son and daughter, their house became filled with foster kids, exchange students, and all sorts of pets. After no success writing picture books, she turned to contemporary novels for young readers. That was 75 books and thirty years ago!

After leaving her marriage, writing had to be a means of support as well as a passion. For twenty years, Marion lived with her partner, Ann Goddard. Marion is now over seventy, still writes, and lives alone in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Well, not totally alone. Now she has a bunch of grandchildren! Bet they all enjoy reading her books before anyone else!

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about the illustrator

jennifer a bell


Jennifer A. Bell studied fine art at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Her artwork can be found on greeting cards, magazines, seasonal giftware, and numerous children’s books.

She and her husband live in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada, with their cranky cat.

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