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Masterminds (Book 1)

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Eli Frieden lives in the perfect community—Serenity, New Mexico. Everyone is happy, harmonious, employed, and they have everything they could ever need. Nothing matters more in Serenity than honesty and integrity, so the thirty kids in town never, ever lie, because they know that it could easily cause them to spiral into other negative habits.  These bad habits could then lead to other unpleasant realities of life faced by people who live outside the city—nasty things like crime.

One day, after Randy encourages his best friend Randy to bike to the city limits, Eli starts to get sick. When he recovers, Randy wants nothing to do with him anymore. He begins to act strangely and tells everyone he has to go visit his grandparents, even though no one ever leaves Serenity—for any reason.

After others become ill from getting too close to the city limits, Eli becomes suspicious.  He and some friends dig deep into the town’s creation and history, and they realize their lives are based on one giant lie. Nothing is real, and everything they’ve ever known has been based on an experiment involving DNA and cloning.

And the only way they can survive now that they know Serenity’s dark secret is to escape—no easy task when you’re being watched.

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gordon kormanGordon Korman was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As a kid, he loved hockey, was not a big reader, and had a cool nickname Gman. He wrote his first novel as a school assignment in seventh grade and it was published two years later. He got a B+!

Gordon studied film writing at New York University but now writes for young adults. He has been writing for 25 years, written over seventy books, and has sold over seven million copies! Gorman lives with his wife and three children in Long Island, Florida, and Toronto.

The ideas for his books always come from a real situation but then his imagination takes over. He works in his home office on a computer and he tries to write from nine to five each day.

Gordon is a versatile writer whose books can be humorous, suspenseful, or adventurous. He says “making stuff up” is a great job!

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