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Maybe a Fox

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maybe a fox



Sylvie was always running, trying to get faster and faster, but she ran too far, too fast one time—all to throw a wishing rock into the Slip on a snowy Vermont morning. And now she’s gone. Disappeared. No one can find her.

Jules and Sylvie. Sylvie and Jules. The only thing preventing them from being identical twins was the fact they were born one year apart.

All Jules feels is devastation. First, her mom dies when she was really little. Now Sylvie.

Despite Dad forbidding her to go into the woods, Jules can’t help but go. Sylvie—and a mysterious fox—are drawing her there.

Can Jules find life after Sylvie?teachingbooks-book

about the author

kathi appeltKathi Appelt has always been impatient. It started when she was born in Fayetteville, Texas, on the front seat of her father’s Ford heading to the hospital!

At an early age, Kathi enjoyed writing. On an unfinished wall in their Houston garage, Kathi’s mom let her express herself in any way she liked. Still there, her “expressions” look like all sorts of scribbles at the bottom, but a little further up, the wall turns into a journal.

Continuing to write, Kathi graduated from Texas A&M University and did graduate studies at the University of Iowa. She is on the faculty of Vermont College’s Master of Fine Arts Program and also teaches writing occasionally at Texas A&M.

At some point Kathi realized that real writers didn’t have to have a lot of dangerous exciting adventures. She feels that the best writing is about places, people, pets, objects, and events in everyday life. She has published over thirty books for children and young adults so far, including The Underneath, for which she won a Newbery Honor in 2009.

Kathi is married to Ken, a researcher at Texas A&M and a musician. Their two sons, also musicians, are grown. Ken and Kathi share their house with four cats—Jass, Hoss, D’jango and Peach.

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Also by Kathi Appelt:
The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp. Atheneum Books for Young Readers. 2013.
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The Underneath. Atheneum Books for Young Readers. 2008.teachingbooks-author

about the author

alison-mcgheeAlison McGhee’s motto is “Have laptop, will write.” That doesn’t mean it’s easy. She still finds that sitting down and actually beginning is the hardest part. By powering through that step, Alison has written quite a few books for both adults and children.

You might have heard of her two series: Bink & Gollie and Julia Gillian.

Both Alison and author Kathi Appelt joined the faculty at Vermont College of Fine Arts at the same time. For every meal on campus, the two sat at a table in the middle of the cafeteria that was surrounded by two pillars. In this semi-secluded spot, Alison and Kathi decided to write a book together, eventually. Years later, the pair wrote Maybe a Fox.

Currently, Alison teaches creative writing at Metropolitan State University. She’s previously taught at Carleton College, Macalester College, the University of Minnesota, Hamline University, and Vermont College.

She loves cooking, baking, playing games, dancing, and laughing with the people she loves the most.

Alison lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Also by Alison McGhee:
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