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On the Day I Died

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On the Day I Died


Mike is in big trouble. He is late getting home and his mother’s many phone messages indicate that she is more than a little pissed! So when his headlights catch a drenched girl standing in the middle of the storm swept road, he moans. He can’t just leave her there but his mom is going to go ballistic. He stops the car and offers his help. The pale girl slowly climbs in and asks for a ride home.

He watches as she slips off a pair of soaked saddle shoes. As he drives, she says her name is Carol Anne. She explains that her canoe tipped over on Hawthorne Lake. The lake was so cold, but she tried to hang on to the capsized boat. She prayed for help but none came. She finally just drifted to shore. The strange story makes Mike so uncomfortable.

Finally he comes to a dirt road, remote and dark. Carol asks him to stop the car and she gets out…and then just disappears!

Shaken, Mike drives off, but turns around when he spots the saddle shoes left behind. He discovers a ramshackle house at the end of the road. Even before he can knock, the door flies open and an old woman demands to know if he is returning Carol’s shoes. She tells Mike that every year on the anniversary of Carol’s death, her spirit catches a ride and forgets her shoes!

Carol can’t be dead. He met her! He talked to her! Mike heads to the cemetery where he finds a grave mounded with decaying saddle shoes…and nine desperate spirits of teens who died tragically, who have been forgotten, and who need to tell Mike the story of their deaths. Each tale is spookier than the last!

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Candace Fleming


Some people would have said that little Candace Fleming was a “fibber,” but her parents knew she was imaginative and encouraged her to write down her tales. In second grade she became fascinated with the sound of certain words. By fifth grade she had written her first mystery, a ten-page, ten-chapter book—with a Newbery Award sticker she had scraped off one of her old books!

Surprisingly, the idea of being a writer never occurred to her while she was growing up. Candace studied history at Eastern Illinois University, intending to work in a museum. Later, when she was reading to her two small sons, she realized that writing children’s books would combine everything she loved—kids, history, writing, and telling tales!

Now Candace writes everything from novels to biographies to picture books. She lives in Mount Prospect, Illinois, with her husband, Scott, and two teenage sons, Scott and Michael.

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Also by Candace Fleming:
Our Eleanor : A Scrapbook Look at Eleanor Roosevelt’s Remarkable Life. Atheneum Books for Young Readers. 2005.

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