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Shadows of Sherwood (Robyn Hoodlum Adventure, Book 1)

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about the book

shadows of sherwood


In this reimagined Robin Hood adventure, twelve-year-old Robyn Loxley is the daughter of important members of Parliament in Nott City. A hopeless tinkerer, Robyn sneaks out at night to forage the local garbage dumps for unwanted electronic equipment that she can repurpose. Evading the guards is part of the fun.

During one of her nighttime excursions, military police kidnap her parents and the other local parliament members who oppose the Royal Governor Ignomus Crown. Nott City is locked down under his totalitarian rule.

With nowhere else to go, Robyn escapes to Sherwood forest with a hologram sphere that her father trained her to protect. Did he know what was to happen? Once safe, she opens the hologram and listens to her father relay a series of clues and instructions which are difficult to make out. One thing is clear: he wants her to work to topple the illicit regime.

Robyn subsequently becomes a member of the underground rebellion with other orphaned kids who make their home in Sherwood Forest. Now caught in a game of cat-and-mouse with the evil governor, Robyn works to free her parents by using her father’s clues.teachingbooks-book

about the author

la_ca_1024_kekla_magoonKekla Magoon believes there are two kinds of writing: writing for communication and writing for self-expression. Both are vital, she believes, but she is grateful to be in the latter camp, where she can take her visions and ideas and turn them into books.

Kekla began to read at two years old and began to write at about age twelve. Bi-racial, Kekla took special interest in civil rights history as she grew up. She pursued an undergraduate degree in history and worked for many nonprofits when she first graduated from college. She became good at raising money for charities, but also learned that an office desk job was not for her.

She returned to school to study writing at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she currently serves as a writing teacher, and as co-editor of the children and young adult section of Hunger Mountain, the college’s literary journal.

Sometime after the age of two, Kekla became passionate about ice cream. If she’s eating directly from the carton, she’d choose strawberry. If served in a dish, the ice cream would preferably be cookies ‘n cream or praline ‘n cream. Vanilla is her ideal choice for a waffle cone. As a youth, Kekla’s favorite type of ice cream was a flavor called “Superman,” which she is pretty sure was food-colored vanilla, but she doesn’t know—she can’t find it anywhere.

If you discover the ice cream anywhere, you can leave her a message on her website. I’m sure she’d appreciate it!

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