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Six of Crows (Dregs, Book 1)

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about the book

six of crowsKaz Brekker is a seventeen-year-old criminal prodigy, though he doesn’t look it. Dressed like a sober merchant, he walks with a limp, relying on a crows-head cane. Second-in-command of the notorious Dregs, Kaz is willing to take on the riskiest risks. At times coldly hilarious, he is unflappable, clever, and calculating, and is unmatched in his abilities to plan in detail, solve puzzles, and misdirect. With an insatiable thirst for money and driven by revenge, Kaz is a hardened, murderous thief and definitely the most dangerous person in Ketterdam.

Anything can be had—for the right price—in the city of Ketterdam. It is a bustling hub of international trade and black market exchanges.  When Kaz is kidnapped by very powerful people, they offer him a job. Turning it down is not an option. This suicide mission involves breaking into the impenetrable Ice Court and breaking out one man, Bo Yul-Bayur, a scientist. If Kaz and his team succeed, the monetary reward will be beyond their wildest dreams.

Kaz comes up with a daring plan and knows just the right team. One big problem. He’ll have to keep them from killing each other long enough to get the job done!

Known as the Wraith, Inez Ghafa blends into shadows, picks locks with unnerving expertise, and names her knives after saints. Kaz saved her life and she always has his back.

Jovial Jesper Fahey is a sharpshooter who can’t walk away from a wager. With a knack for trouble, he is also a Grisha, one of the magical people with innate paranormal powers.

Nina Zenick is also a Grisha, a healer and a heartrender.

Shy Wylan Van Ecxk is a runaway. Developmentally disabled, Wylan is a naïve demolition expert. He likes big booms!

Matthais Helvar is a convict. He was once a powerful Grisha hunter, a soldier who knows the Ice Court and its inner workings. Nina caused his imprisonment at Hellgate. He demands revenge.

This heists goes wrong from the very start. Secrets, mistrust, and old grudges find the team of six trapped within the secure prison. Time is running out. Bo Yul-Bayur has been sentenced to die because he created a formula that illegally intensifies the abilities of the Grisha. It could create an army that would change the entire balance of power and destroy rival governments!

One impossible heist.  An unlikely team of six. They are the only thing that stands between the world and its destruction.

teachingbooks-bookabout the author

Leigh Bardugo


Born in Jerusalem, raised in Los Angeles, and educated at Yale University, Leigh Bardugo is used to world travel. Nowadays she lives in Hollywood, moonlighting as makeup artist L.B. Benson, a persona through which she can indulge her love of ghouls, glamor, and costumes!

Her road to make-up artist and author was a hard one. She began writing in earnest after her father’s death and her marriage crumbled. Hitting an emotional rock bottom, she reinvented herself, quitting her steady 9-to-5 job to take on more creative pursuits. While sitting around waiting to do her makeup magic, her brain started processing a story. She gave herself a deadline to finish her first novel, her 35th birthday. Writing through nights and weekends, she created a whole new world.

Frank Herbert’s Dune changed her life. She never wanted to finish the book because she wanted to remain Herbert’s imaginary world. When she started writing, she knew that world building would be a very important part of her own work.

The world she built was that of the Grisha, magical people with small powers to manipulate matter. After writing her best-selling Grisha trilogy, Leigh wanted to explore other Grisha cultures, leaving czarist Russia for Ketterdam, an Amsterdam-like place. This new series starts about two years after the original Grisha series ends.

Leigh was raised by her grandfather. He was a Boston thug who taught her how to play pool and pick pockets. Though he lived a life in the under-belly of the city, he was also a high-culture type of guy who loved opera and insisted that she read the classics. In this new Ketterdam society, her characters are thieves and thugs, a lot like her grandfather. Deadly dangerous but loveable!

Leigh is very happy now with her creative life. Besides creating awesome Hollywood creatures and making the New York Times bestseller list, she also sings in her own band.

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