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Some Kind of Courage

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about the book

some kind of courage


The wooden marker was all I could afford to mark pa’s grave—and by afford, I mean cut and carved from an old wooden door. WILLIAM JOHNSON, 1855-1890. There wasn’t space for anything else, but a forest of boards still wouldn’t have been enough space to say everything in my heart.

“Hey, Papa. Well, I’m off. Mr. Grissom done sold Sarah off…I don’t know that I’ll ever be coming back here. I won’t never forget nothing you told me, Papa. I’ll make you proud. I swear and I promise that I will.”

Sarah—my horse—was the only thing I had left from my family. Sickness took Ma and my little sis; an accident took Pa.

Mr. Grissom took me and Sarah in, putting me right to work to earn my keep. And to keep up his liquor habit, sold something he had no right to sell. The money the trader paid for Sarah was rightfully mine, so I took it—and pa’s gun.

I aim to get Sarah back no matter the cost—even if it means leaving Pa behind.teachingbooks-book

about the author

dan gemeinhart


Dan Gemeinhart was born in Frankfurt, Germany. His dad was in the Army so his family moved very often while he was growing up. That meant that he went to a lot of different schools. It was hard leaving old pals and making new friends, but it gave Dan a lot of interesting experiences and made him a more confident, stronger person.

He finished high school in Kennewick, Washington. There Dan met Karen, a girl he had a huge crush on. Luckily she liked him, too. After he studied history and how to teach at Gonzaga University, the two married. They travelled to Cairo, Egypt, where they taught, rode camels, and climbed the pyramids…until they were chased off by scary uniformed men with machine guns!

They returned to Washington State, settling in Wenatchee. Dan got his dream job as an elementary teacher and librarian. He is a constant reader and loves that he gets to share books with his awesome students. Karen teaches high school English. Eventually they acquired a messy house and had three daughters, who are a great source of laughter. Since Dan is so busy with his family and teaching, he doesn’t have much time for writing.

Dan loves camping, cooking, traveling, and playing the guitar. All in all, he’s a “pretty darn happy” guy.


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