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Spirit Week Showdown (The Magnificent Mya Tibbs, Book 1)

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about the book

spirit week showdownI cannot believe this is happening. I got partnered with Connie Tate for Spirit Week after I pinky-swore my BFF Naomi that I would partner with her. We were going to win the competition! Connie is the meanest, nastiest fourth-grade bully in Bluebonnet Elementary. And Naomi Jackson, well, she’s beautiful, the most popular girl at school, a pageant winner, a star in her father’s car commercials, and the best friend a girl ever could have.

I should say former best friend. Now Naomi is mad at me because I didn’t ask to switch partners. But I can’t switch partners. I’m stuck and it’s not my fau…wait, I should probably tell you my name.

I’m Mya Tibbs. One day I’ll be the first jewelry-making, calf-roping cowgirl from Bluebonnet, Texas. My older bro is Nugget (I named him that because his head is shaped like a chicken chunk.) Over there, that’s my Mom; she’s not fat, she’s going to have a baby—there’s a difference, people. My Dad, he’s working at the family farm store right now. He told Nugget and I to help out on Saturday. That’s enough about me. Back to Naomi.

Naomi’s snubbing her nose at me in school, and I thought I heard her and some other girls whispering and sniggering about me. That about sets my braids on fire!

Bad enough that I lost my best friend, but now I’m going to lose the Spirit Week prize too—VIP tickets to the town festival. Free food. First-in-line-privileges for the rides. Front-row tickets to the rodeo show. My dreams, crushed.

Better go meet up with mean girl Connie.teachingbooks-book

about the author



Author Crystal Allen sat down to watch a CSI episode one evening when a loud-mouthed boy started stomping around in her head like he owned the place. She tried concentrating on the show, but the boy would not leave her alone. (He even took her to a bowling alley.) “I honestly thought I might need some medical intervention!” she says.

The boy’s name was Lamar. He eventually became the central character in How Lamar’s Bad Prank Won Him a Bubba-Sized Trophy, her first published book.

Prior to becoming a Texan, Crystal was a military brat born in Germany. She explored some of her younger years in New Albany, Indiana—learning her multiplication tables, shucking corn, hating her hair, and teaching her high school choir the “Robot”, which they performed at a concert.

Today, you can find her, her two sons, and husband in Houston, rooting for local professional sports teams and taking on Tennessee relatives in trash-talking bowling wars.

Author website
Author interview: The Brown Bookshelf
Author interview: Rita Hubbard

Also by Crystal Allen:
The Wall of Fame Game (Magnificent Mya Tibbs, Book 2). Balzer + Bray. January 2017.
The Laura Line. Balzer + Bray. 2013.
How Lamar’s Bad Prank Won a Bubba-Sized Trophy. Balzer + Bray. 2011.teachingbooks-author

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