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Stella By Starlight

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stella by starlight


The Klan hasn’t bothered Bumblebee, North Carolina, for years. Sure, there are still some stores that young Stella cannot go into, but there are some she can. Some people are really unpleasant to her because of her skin, but plenty of people are downright genial. Stella enjoys family backyard cookouts, listening to stories and tall tales, and dreams of being a writer so she can tell stories herself, a dream which parallels her father’s dream of registering to vote.

However, one night Stella and her brother stay up a lot later than they ever should have been, and they certainly should not have been wandering around outside. They accidentally witness Klan activity, and the rumor and fear of it spreads throughout their town. It is the first flicker of change to come. Soon, the nice people become fewer and fewer, and the unpleasant people become downright scary…

Now Stella’s dream of being a writer seems even further away. It appears her father’s dream of voting won’t happen either, but that doesn’t stop her community from rallying together, being brave, and fighting for their rights.

teachingbooks-bookabout the author

sharon m draper

Sharon M. Draper was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1948. Her father was a hotel maitre’d and her mother worked as a classified advertising manager at the local paper. They considered education a precious commodity and filled their house with books. Sharon became a self-described bookworm. A straight-A student, she was born to be a teacher. She taught the kids next door, her dolls, and even her dog! Sharon graduated from Pepperdine University and taught English in the Cincinnati school system for over thirty years.

In 1974 she married Larry Draper, and they have four children, Wendy, Damon, Crystal, and Cory. One daughter, who has cerebral palsy, inspired Sharon’s book Out of My Mind. Sharon and Larry still live in Cincinnati.

Sharon’s writing career began in 1990 when she submitted a story on a whim, something she always encouraged her students to do. In 1994, she released her first book, Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs. Though some of her stories are highly controversial, she has gone on to write over 25 novels for children and teens. She is known for her historical fiction and is a six-time winner of the Coretta Scott King Awards for Darkness Before Dawn, The Battle of Jericho, Copper Sun, Double Dutch, Out of My Mind, and Romiette and Julio. Stella by Starlight was inspired from her grandmother’s journal. It took many years for Sharon to understand the stories she learned from those pages and be able to share them.

In 1997 Sharon received the highest honor in education. President Bill Clinton named her the U.S. Teacher of the Year. That began her third career as a speaker, crisscrossing the nation to talk about the importance of excellence in the classroom.

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