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The 14 Fibs of Gregory K.

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14 fibs of gregory k

The Korenstein-Jasperton family is all about math. Dad is an electrical engineer and he eats, breathes, and dreams formulas. Mom’s an accountant—and no wimp in the numbers department either. Oldest brother Owen (the jerk!) plays with relativity equations and precocious little sister Kay can solve problems whip fast. They are all math geniuses.

All except Gregory, who views arithmetic as torture and is flunking his middle school math class.

Gregory is more into writing…and pie. His life-long friend Kelly loves writing too, and most days they spend time at her mom’s bakery, the Slice. Nothing is better than composing poems and chomping down a slice of cherry pie. For years now, they have been dreaming of going to Author’s Camp. Now that they’re finally old enough, this summer will be their last chance to go together. Kelly and her mom are moving away soon.

Now here’s the rub. Gregory told Kelly a little white lie. He said he has permission to go, but he hasn’t even had the nerve to ask his parents. Before he can do that, he has to get his math grade up. Gregory lied to Mr. Davis, too. The teacher offers to help this “math lover” pass with extra credit work. He’s to keep a journal where he writes about math and how it relates to his life.

Two lies were easy, so a third can’t hurt! To make his parents happy and to keep from having to go to Math Camp, Gregory claims he signed up for the City Math competition. His father won the first competition decades ago and Owen has swept the contest multiple times. If Gregory actually has to go, it will be a total embarrassment. Most of the questions are way over his head!

But his fibs don’t stop there. One leads to another and another and … now somehow, Gregory has to make good on all his false tales. This could all backfire badly!

How is this creative liar going to solve all his problems? Here’s a hint: it involves a new form of poetry aptly named the Fib, the mathematical formula called the Fibonacci Sequence, and, of course, the truth!

teachingbooks-bookabout the author

greg pincusGreg Pincus wasn’t very old when he discovered that he loved words. Of course, he was much better at saying them and hearing them than reading and writing them. Luckily his mother handpicked an endless supply of mystery, action, and comedy stories that kept him reading.

Greg also loved numbers, mainly because he was interested in baseball statistics. So when he did write, especially poetry, he often mixed math with his words! Even when he went off to college he mixed math and words by studying computer science and creative writing. So it may not be surprising that after he got a computer science degree, he moved to Hollywood and became a screenwriter!

The computer degree did prove useful though, because he eventually also became a blogger and a social media consultant, as well as a volunteer elementary school librarian, poet, and novelist.

Greg is the real inventor of the “Fib”. It is a form of poetry sort of like a Haiku but has six lines, and 20 syllables. It is based on the classic Fibonacci sequence (1 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 8). You can read about his original Fib and the rules for Fibbery on his GottaBook website.

Gregory still lives in Los Angeles, only now he has a family and a dog. He still loves writing and math, and after all these years, he says they are still very, very fun!

Author website
Author blog
Author interview: From the Mixed-Up Files
Book trailer: The 14 Fibs of Gregory K.

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