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The Adventures of a South Pole Pig

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Adventures of a South Pole Pig


Flora is a very curious and spunky piglet who loves exploring and hankers to get out of the confining pen and see more. Her seven lazy brothers and her overly protective mom just don’t understand her need to see the world!

She gets her opportunity to explore beyond the stinky sty when a man comes to take one of the piglets away, and Flora allows herself to be captured. She is thrilled when her cage is plunked down on a ship heading to the South Pole, where the human team will cross Antarctica with a sled and a dog team. Flora is sure she’ll make an excellent addition to the team.

Unfortunately, the cook views her more as bacon, ham, and pork chops!

Unaware that she is to be an entrée, she quickly makes friends with Aleric, the cabin boy, and Oscar, the lead sled dog. She even joins Sophia, the ship’s fierce cat, in some exciting rat hunts. Lucky for her…or is it unlucky for her… the ship sinks before she makes the acquaintance with the cook’s cleaver!

Shipwrecked off the coast of Antarctica, the crew faces starvation. Though Flora saves the Captain’s life, she and her friends still have to figure how to keep her from becoming survival fare! If she joins Oscar, Aleric, and Sophia to form their own sled team, can they keep everyone alive until help comes?

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Chris Kurtz


Young Chris Kurtz was afraid of the dark. He was very sure there were blood-sucking ghouls hiding in his bedroom someplace. The only way he could get through the night was to imagine himself as the hero of whatever book he was reading at the moment. (There were a lot of stories to choose from. Chris buried his nose in books during most daylight hours.)

Of course, in his imagination, he was always the bravest hero ever!

At some point, he ran out of hero material and he started making his own mind movies—and still he was always the biggest adventurer, the wisest and most determined hero ever.

This led to Chris turning into an annoying attention seeker in real life. He exaggerated everything, and girls thought he seemed needy. Hard to be the hero if the girls won’t even look at you!

Eventually he grew up and realized that none of his mind movies were ever going to come true. Mushing to the North Pole was just too cold, and pirates, even if they still existed, were likely to be too smelly. But he had all these stories in his head. What was he going to do with them?

Chris never planned on becoming an author, but when he sat down and started to write down his imaginings, that is exactly what happened. And the ghouls—well, they are still there. Chris realizes now that they are just worries!

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Author interview : by Heather Vogel Frederick
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Also by Chris Kurtz:
The Pup Who Cried Wolf (Animal Tales). Bloomsbury USA Children’s. 2010.

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