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The Great Pet Escape (Pets On the Loose, Book 1)

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about the book



Name: GW (aka George Washington)
Species: Hamster
Crimes: Inventor of the Sunflower Seed Slingshot and the Rodent Catapult Transportation Device
Sentence: Daisy P. Flugelhorn Elementary School, 2nd Grade Classroom

The second graders at Flugelhorn think George Washington is the cutest, sweetest hamster out there. And that’s exactly how he wants it. He puts on a show, letting them give him seeds and random other objects.

As an inventor, those “random” objects are instrumental pieces for GW’s new, greatest invention ever: the Hairy Houdini Escape-O-Matic.*

When GW makes his great escape with Barry the rabbit (doing a stint in first grade) and Biter the guinea pig (serving time in kindergarten), their way is blocked by a mouse named Harriet!

Will Harriet and her mice minions prevent GW and his partners in crime from escaping Daisy P. Flugelhorn Elementary?

*Patent pendingteachingbooks-book

about the author

victoria jamiesonVictoria Jamieson grew up in Havertown, Pennsylvania. In third grade, she wrote and illustrated her first book, titled Super Cow. It was an amazing smash hit with local critics (her teachers) and with discerning collectors (her parents).

When she was twelve, her family moved to Florida. To garner excitement about the move, her parents bought season passes to Disney World for Victoria and her two brothers. The park was great but Victoria especially like watching the animators during the backstage tour. She decided right then and there that she was going to work for Disney when she grew up.

To follow her dream, she attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where she unfortunately found she was far more interested in illustration than animation. After graduation she had a whole slew of bad jobs—including portrait artist on a cruise ship and an illegal tour guide through the Vatican museum.

Things started to turn around when Victoria began working as a book designer with a New York children’s book publisher. Now a real-life children’s author and illustrator, she is thrilled that her debut graphic novel Roller Girl has earned a Newbery Honor!

With her husband, baby, and a surly cat, Victoria now calls Portland, Oregon, home. She teaches children’s book illustration at Pacific Northwest College of Art, writes and illustrates her own books and graphic novels, and skates. She is Winnie the Pow, a team member of the Rose City Roller Derby team!

Author/Illustrator website
Author video interview : School Library Journal

Also by Victoria Jamieson:
The Great Art Caper (Pets on the Loose!). Henry Holt & Company (BYR). June 2017.
Olympig!. Dial. 2012.
Bea Rocks the Flock. Bloomsbury USA. 2009.teachingbooks-author

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