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The Great Shelby Holmes: Girl Detective

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about the book



I’ve gotten used to constantly packing and unpacking my life—it comes with having a mom in the military. But this time, moving from Maryland to New York City, is different. Mom and I are settling down, even flattening out the boxes and leaving them by the curb instead of stowing them away for the next move.

Dad didn’t come with us though. That’s probably the biggest difference about living in Harlem. No Dad. And my neighbor Shelby Holmes.

She nearly blew up the apartment building the day we moved into 221 Baker Street. How’s that for an introduction? There was no, “Hi, I’m John Watson, I just moved in downstairs. Nice to meet you.” The girl causes an explosion and doesn’t even apologize for it!

I swear she’s a Jedi because she knew things about us within seconds of meeting us, like how mom had been in Afghanistan, was injured, and just got a divorce. How could she possibly know that?

When a dog goes missing, Detective Shelby Holmes takes the case. I’m just along for the ride.teachingbooks-book

about the author

elizabeth eulbergThe youngest of four siblings, Elizabeth Eulberg grew up in the small town of Portage, Wisconsin. Every year her parents would pack all four kids and a tent that slept six into the van and they would take off for a two-week adventure somewhere in the U.S. They took a lot of pictures of little Elizabeth bawling in front of historical sites. When she was finally able to appreciate the trips, the family stopped taking them…but travel still remains one of her passions.

Her other two passions are reading and music. Her favorite books were the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace. Because her mother named her Elizabeth after the character Beth in Little Women, it was of course another favorite. Elizabeth just never cared for the nickname!

As far as music, she discovered it very early in her life. She started taking piano lessons when she was five, learned to play the clarinet in fourth grade, was in the pep band and the jazz band, and played the drums in the marching band (because it was the cool thing to do!) Now she is studying guitar. She’ll be a rock star someday!

Elizabeth’s love of music led her to a career in publicity. She went to Syracuse University to study public communications and got a job at an entertainment PR firm. A call to a publishing company to inquire about a book one of her clients wrote led to a job with the publisher. For ten years she was publicist for all sorts of authors, including Twilight author Stephenie Meyer!

Finally spurred on by friends, she tried writing a novel herself. Her first manuscripts were way too serious. When she thought back on the humorous romantic books she loved in school, she knew she had found just the right genre for her. In 2011, with seven published novels under her belt, she transitioned to writing books for young readers full-time.

Elizabeth currently “lives outside of Manhattan with her three guitars, two keyboards, and one drumstick.” Now here’s my question—what happened to the other drumstick?

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