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The Key to Extraordinary

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about the book

key to extraordinary


Each woman in Emma’s family experiences a Destiny Dream that reveals her unique path to an extraordinary life. Her ancestors have been Revolutionary War spies, brilliant scientists, and famous musicians.

Emma is waiting impatiently for her dream. She desperately wants to know her path, especially since she promised her now dead mother that she’d do whatever it took to fulfill her destiny.

While she waits, Emma helps her brother and Granny Blue run the family’s Boneyard Cafe and gives tours of the cemetery right in their backyard. In the graveyard, she often feels like something is following her. At times, the feeling is comforting, but sometimes it’s just disturbing.

And she’s right. She is being watched.

Emma’s destiny has everything to do with a legendary treasure hidden in the cemetery. Can she find something that’s been missing for centuries and is protected by a singing ghost?teachingbooks-book

about the author

natalie lloydEver since she was old enough to daydream, Natalie Lloyd wanted to be a writer. She was always fascinated by words, but thought becoming an author was the kind of dream that was too good to ever come true. A Snicker of Magic was her debut novel, and she still can’t believe that she “actually gets to do this!”

After she graduated from college with a degree in journalism, Natalie believed that any kind of writing would satisfy her longing to take pen to paper. But though she was grateful for the work, writing press releases just didn’t do it. Realizing life was just too short, this shy writer decided to share her geeky characters and playful language in a middle grade novel.

A Snicker of Magic was inspired when she attended a concert by the Avett Brothers with her family, where people danced in the aisles and sang along with the music. Just seeing all these different types of people coming together was magical. The seed for the novel was planted, and it grew when Natalie reminisced about her grandparents, who have passed on. When she thinks of “home,” it’s just not the place she recalls, it’s the people.

Natalie’s home is in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In her spare time, she collects old books and tacky Christmas decorations, listens to bluegrass music, and loves exploring nearby quirky mountain towns with her fluffy white pooch, the real Biscuit! And she is thrilled when readers tell her they are starting their own word collecting notebooks.

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Also by Natalie Lloyd:
A Snicker of Magic. Scholastic. 2014.


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