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The Last Kids on Earth (Book 1)

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about the book



The world hasn’t been normal for forty-two days. It’s gone crazy. I’m talking shattered windows, wild vines crawling up the side of buildings, and monsters. Lots and lots of monsters.

Almost everyone in Wakefield has been zombified, split town, or gone into hiding. I personally have fortified a tree house to the gills. It’s better defended than Fort Knox, Stark Tower, and the X-Mansion combined.

Currently, I’m trying to fight off (aka get-away-from) a gargantuan beast on the roof of the local CVS. It’s nothing like the other monsters I’ve encountered in the past days. It seems like it actually has a brain.

All I wanted was to quickly nab an eyeglass repair kit to fix my walkie and this is the situation I find myself in…

[Running, I jump up at the thing with my splintered baseball bat. It snatches me out of the air like I’m that blonde babe and it’s King Kong.]

If I ever get out of its grip, I’m doing everything I can to find Quint, my best friend. I’d even take Dirk the bully. Hopefully, they’re still alive and human. With the three of us, I’m sure we could slay this dude and the other monsters.

Now to get out of its grip… [BITE].teachingbooks-book

about the author

max brallier aka jack chabertMax Brallier is the author of more than 30 adult and middle-grade books. For his Eerie Elementary series, he writes under the pen name Jack Chabert. Why? Well, why not!

When he was six, Max dreamed of playing outfield for the Pittsburgh Pirates. By seven, the dream had changed to designing Lego spaceship kits. By ten, he was sure he’d be a comic book illustrator. At twelve, he wanted to be an action movie critic. At thirteen, he was sure he’d design awesome video games. Luckily when he turned fourteen, he dreamed of becoming a writer and that is the one that stuck! Though he actually did design games for virtual world Poptropica and was the country’s youngest movie critic in 1995. He also worked in the marketing department of a book publisher.

Max didn’t get serious about writing until his junior year in college. He planned on writing movie screenplays but ended up in a sci-fi class. He had to write a short story and by the time he was done, he was hooked. He has been writing fantasy action fiction ever since!

He’s just big kid at heart. He still won’t eat anything green except M&Ms. He spends a lot of time watching his favorite teams (Steelers, Pirates, and Celtics), playing video games, collecting action figures, and daydreaming. He has always been a big daydreamer, usually involving him, Wolverine, and Indiana Jones in some adventure with his friends. When he writes, he does the same thing. He shuts his eyes and just imagines what would be fun and full of action.

Max lives in New York City with his wife Alyse. They don’t allow pets in his apartment building, but when they do, Max plans on getting a dragon…or a really fat bulldog!

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about the illustrator

douglas-holgateDouglas Holgate is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist based out of Melbourne, Australia.

When studying Illustration at the University of Newcastle, his lecturers repeatedly said there was no future in comic books and cartoons. Ignoring their opinion and proving them wrong, Douglas has gone on to illustrate books for major international publishing houses.

Some of the titles he’s illustrated include Brian Anderson’s The Adventures of Commander Zack Proton, Steve Cotler’s Cheesie Mack, Max Brallier’s The Last Kids On Earth, and many more.

Since becoming a father, Douglas has been rediscovering things that he used to love as a kid. He even tracked down vintage copies of Richard Scarry’s Busytown series and realized after looking through them again that Scarry is a major influence in his art. It was his subconscious at work!

Douglas is a big history buff. He “adores American history…from Revolution, The Westward push to Civil War to Cold War and modern politics.” If he had to choose one time and place to visit with a time machine, his first response is: “Everywhere?” In the end, it would probably be Ancient Rome. “Do I really want to gad about in tartan and blue body paint screaming murder at Roman Legionaries in their incredibly well drilled formations? Yes… probably.”

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