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The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck (Tuckernuck, Book 1)

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about the book

lost treasure of tuckernuck


Laurie hates Tuckernuck Hall. She would much rather attend the same school with her best friend, but NO, her parents are too loyal to their alma mater.

Tuckernuck is about to be torn down anyway, so why send her there? Of course Laurie’s parents don’t think the building should be torn down, that it has historical and community value. The school board doesn’t agree. But what is the legendary Tuckernuck Treasure?

Some 80 years ago, the school’s founder created a puzzle based around Tuckernuck’s mascot, a chicken (another reason Laurie hates the idea of being enrolled at Tuckernuck). No one has ever gotten very far following the clues, which start at a painting of Hilda the Chicken.

Laurie figures that as long as she is being forced to go to Tuckernuck—at least as long as the building is standing—she could have a little fun and try to find the treasure.

She didn’t expect to have help from social outcast Bud, with whom she is assigned to take care of the class gerbil. It seems Bud has had plenty of time on his hands to do his research about the treasure, and before Laurie knows it she is swept away in the hunt.

Maybe Tuckernuck can be fun after all…


about the author

Emily-FairlieEmily Fairlie was born and raised in Virginia, and her middle school was named Tuckahoe, which is where she got the idea for Tuckernuck Hall. One of the greatest regrets of her life is that Tuckahoe Middle School had no hidden clues or treasure…

Emily used to own a family of gerbils, but they were all expert escape artists and that didn’t last long. She is allergic to nuts. She has a scar on her lip because, when she was three years old, she thought she could successfully jump down the stairs. And she has never yet made a bag of microwave popcorn that didn’t end up with putrid smoke and a nagging sense of loss in her heart.

Today Emily lives in Chicago with her sweatshirt-wearing dog, Binky.

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Also by Emily Fairlie:
The Magician’s Bird : A Tuckernuck Mystery. Katherine Tegen Books. 2013.


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