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The Terrible Two (Book 1)

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about the book

terrible two


Miles Murphy is not happy about moving to Yawnee Valley. It’s a place with cows as far as the eye can see, smell, and hear. A cow was even elected as mayor in 1836 due to a balloting error. What kind of place lets that happen?

A place that Miles dreads.

The cows aren’t the biggest drawback though. It’s the fact that his reputation is gone. He was the biggest prankster at his old school, “earned through years of hard work and brilliant thinking.”

Now he has to start all over.

But Yawnee Valley already has a prankster—a great one. Miles will just have to up his game. Let the epic war of trickery begin.

teachingbooks-bookabout the authors

mac barnett


Born to non-farmers in a California farming community, Mac Barnett loved school… except for the nine times tables!

As a kid, he wanted to be a detective, but was never hired. He tried to solve the case of the haunted house located next door to his…but it really was haunted!

Mac’s literary career began when he was hired as a cover model for a series of Christian- based adventures. More interested in the writing than the modeling aspect, he earned a Master of Fine Arts from The New School.

His ideas come to him while he traveling—or in the shower. Since Mac found out he is allergic to fingerprinting dust, he can’t be a detective—and writes instead about kid detectives. Each night in his home in Berkeley, California, home, he sits at the kitchen table, typing away. He usually becomes totally focused around midnight and writes until he falls asleep on his laptop!

Mac has been very involved in Guys Read, which promotes literacy to boys, and in the 826LA after-school writing center program, which helps to support and improve the writing skills of children and teens.

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920x920Jory John is a funny guy. He got his start at 826 Valencia, an educational nonprofit in San Francisco.

On his first day interning for 826, Jory met Mac Barnett, who was also starting an internship. The two became fast friends while working on projects and binge-watching TV. Eventually, Jory and Mac decided to channel some of the energy they use to prank each other into writing a book together. The result is The Terrible Two, a story about a pair of formidable pranksters.

Jory’s work process involves going to Starbucks with about one hundred 3×5 index cards and writing one idea per card for an hour. A few days later, he’ll look at the ideas he wrote down, weed out 95% of them, and try to figure out how to make the remaining ideas work. Then he writes and revises the piece until it’s done.

Before he became a full-time writer (and prankster), Jory worked for six years at 826 as the program director. He still volunteers at the nonprofit when he’s not writing picture books, articles, comics, or grocery lists.

Shel Silverstein is his favorite author and illustrator, though he says, “I fully retain the right to change my answer at any given moment, depending on my mood, memories, and what’s sitting directly in my line of sight.”

Author website
Author spotlight: Publishers Weekly
Author interview: Kinderlit
Author interview: Horn Book

Also by Jory John:
The Terrible Two Go Wild (Terrible Two, Book 3) with Mac Barnett. Amulet Books. January 2017.
The Terrible Two Get Worse (Terrible Two, Book 2) with Mac Barnett. Amulet Books. 2016.


about the illustrator

Kevin Cornell’s illustrations are hilarious, especially his animals. Where does he get his imagination?

Kevin can’t stand fart jokes or political jokes or jokes about Hollywood stars. He likes jokes about things that everyone experiences. He thinks jokes about animals are the best. In the pages of Marc Barnett’s picture book Count the Monkeys, you’ll find a lot of very funny animal hijinks that Kevin created.

Kevin is an illustrator/designer who works and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Don’t let his website ( confuse you; it says, but he really isn’t British. He says he spends the majority of his time maintaining his website, but he also spends a great deal of time dueling with other designers in web games and drafting imaginary treaties for equally imaginary conflicts. He is also a staff illustrator for the company A List Apart, which is all about designing websites and writing online.

It’s also rumored that he is highly allergic to cashews, but that may be another of Kevin’s jokes.

Illustrator website
Illustrator biography: A List Apart

Also illustrated by Kevin Cornell:
The Terrible Two Go Wild (Terrible Two, Book 3) Mac Barnett and Jory John. Amulet Books. January 2017.

The Terrible Two Get Worse (Terrible Two, Book 2) by Mac Barnett and Jory John. Amulet Books. 2016.
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The Legend of Diamond Lil : A J.J. Tully Mystery by Doreen Cronin. Balzar + Bray. 2012.
The Trouble with Chickens : A J.J. Tully Mystery by Doreen Cronin. Balzar + Bray. 2011.

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