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The War That Saved My Life

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war that saved my life



Nine-year-old Ada has lived her entire life in a single room, her family’s one-room apartment in London. Ada was born with a twisted foot, and her mother was too embarrassed to let her go out in public where anyone could see her. But Ada longs to see the world. Her little brother, Jamie, tells her stories of the outside world, making her desires even stronger.

When World War II arrives, the Germans begin bombing London, so the city evacuates the children. Ada’s mother still won’t let Ada leave the apartment, but Jamie helps her escape with him.

The children find themselves under the care of Miss Susan, who claims not to be nice. With time, her affection towards the children grows. The siblings are happier with Miss Susan who actually cares. But before the war is over, the three are threatened by the possibility of separation and the children’s return to the cruel care of their mother.


 about the author

kimberly brubaker bradley

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, before moving to Northampton, Massachusetts, to attend Smith College, where she graduated with a degree in chemistry.

She says she most loved learning chemistry, but that wasn’t what she most wanted to do. She found time in school to take a children’s literature class, leading her to write her first children’s book and to become a member of a writer’s group. By now, she knew that she most wanted to be a writer.

After college, she married her high school sweetheart Bart Bradley, who went on to medical school. Even though Kimberly worked as a research chemist, she spent her time outside of work doing freelance writing and ghost writing. She started making enough money to be able to leave her day job. Soon after she decided to stay home and write, she found out that she was having her first baby, Matthew!

Kimberly moved with her husband and son to Bristol along the Tennessee/Virginia boarder. Her husband worked in ophthalmology, and a new daughter Katie joined their family. Soon they moved to a 52-acre farm in the Appalachian foothills with ponies, dogs, sheep, and goats, where they still live happily today. She loves writing historical fiction and has published fourteen books for preschoolers to young adults!


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