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There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes

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about the book

there's a lion in my cornflakes


Brothers Eric and Dan are determined to collect 100 coupons from cereal boxes. Why? What prize could be worth making a million trips to the supermarket and spending a year’s allowance on cornflakes?

A free LION, of course!

They don’t even care that they have to eat cornflakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until all the cornflakes are gone.

But no lion appears at their doorstep… a grizzly bear does instead!

Will the cornflake company exchange the grizzly bear for a lion?

teachingbooks-bookabout the author

michelle robinson


Michelle Robinson grew up in Gloucestershire, England, surrounded by the countryside. When she changed schools at age five, Michelle spotted a girl with her head in a book and thought, “That looks fun.” The two became best friends who spent all their pocket money on second-hand books.

Ever since she fell in love with books, Michelle has wanted to be a writer. To make that happen, she went to university and got a job as a copywriter. After writing over 6000 radio ads, she got bored and moved on to writing TV ads and websites. Once that got boring, Michelle started writing stories when not at work.

Now Michelle has over fifteen books published. Writing picture books and taking care of her family leaves her no time to be bored!

Even with her busy schedule, she finds enough time to eat a bit too much cake.

Michelle lives with her husband and two kids in Frome, England.


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Also by Michelle Robinson:
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teachingbooks-authorabout the illustrator

jim fieldFrom a very early age, Jim Field spent his time drawing in Farnborough, England. His ambition was to “make cartoons.”

After graduating from the Hull School of Art and Design, Jim joined the work of professional animation as a director for Partizan in London. He also worked as a freelance illustrator.

Then he started mailing out self-promotional material of five stinky fish (pictures, not actual fish). Somehow it landed on the right desk at the right time because he was hired to illustrate his first children’s book!

Now illustrating books is almost all Jim does to make money!

He lives in Paris with his girlfriend and grumpy cat.

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Also by Jim Field:
The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright. Scholastic. 2016.
Frog on a Log? by Kes Gray. Scholastic. 2015.
How Many Legs? by Kes Gray. Barrons Educational Series. 2015.

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