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Too Tall Houses

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about the book

too tall houses


Good friends Owl and Rabbit live next to one another in two very small houses. Everything is perfectly fine… until Rabbit’s garden gets out of hand. It becomes too tall and blocks Owl’s view of the forest.

Owl fixes the situation by building a second story on his home, which looks like a woven and covered nest. Of course, the add-on now is blocking the sun from getting to Rabbit’s garden! Well, the only thing to do is for Rabbit to build his house taller.

Now the race is off! How tall will each friend build their homes before they realize that maybe living within their means, or even together, is a better solution than competition?

teachingbooks-bookabout the author

gianna marino


Gianna Marino spent a lot of her childhood building walk-in aviaries and chicken coups in her backyard. At one point, she had over three dozen birds! Other animals she had include lizards, rabbits, ducks, rats, and dogs. Every day she biked to the public barn to ride horses.

For being born and raised in San Francisco, she sure is a country girl.

After graduating from high school, in order to afford her many interests and global travels, Gianna apprenticed to a muralist and a jewelry designer. She even drove horse carriages through the park.

Eventually, she began working full-time designing toys for children. This lasted several years, but the windowless workspace took its toll. It was time to move on—and begin painting, illustrating, and writing books!

Gianna lives in Northern California.


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Also by Gianna Marino:
I Am the Mountain Mouse. Viking Juvenile. September 2016.
A Boy, a Ball, and a Dog. Roaring Brook Press. 2016.
Night Animals. Viking Juvenile. 2015.
Following Papa’s Song. Viking Juvenile. 2014.
Meet Me at the Moon. Viking Juvenile. 2012.

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