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Violent Ends

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violent ends


In any tragedy, real or fictional, there are many different perspectives. In this one, there are seventeen written by seventeen different young adult authors, writing the experiences of seventeen fictional students, teachers, neighbors, and acquaintances who personally knew Kirby Matheson, an imagined school shooter.

The whole ordeal lasts only 22 minutes. Kirby Matheson gets out of his car, marches into school, enters the gym, and fires, killing six and wounding five, ultimately ending his own life.

However, this isn’t a story about a school shooting, or about the events of one infamous day. Instead, it is about one boy, who had trouble reading, played saxophone, had friends, and even had a girlfriend, and how this one boy could turn into a monster without warning…

There are hints of Kirby’s motivation, like the time he saved a suicidal student, or how he stomps on helpless bugs, gets bullied, is preyed on by a teacher. However, Kirby never explains himself. It is up to the victims and witnesses to piece it together themselves, never excusing Kirby for his sin, but not excusing themselves and their shortcomings in Kirby’s life, either.

teachingbooks-bookabout the author

shaun david hutchinson


Shaun David Hutchinson is a geeky writer who loves tattoos, singer Amanda Palmer, and mac and cheese. He once had a blind dog, but that dog passed away. He now has a fat dog that likes to stare creepily at him from behind end tables and other things in the living room. He loves having crazy adventures, like skydiving, and traveling. Sometimes he smirks for his pictures instead of smiling. He also likes being goofy.

Shaun studied literature in college at Florida Atlantic University and fell in love with Beowulf, Chaucer, and gothic literature. Today he lives in south Florida with his partner, who is just as goofy as he is. When not writing, he works in IT and does web design, database design, and editing.

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Author interview: Simon & Schuster


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