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Follow the Moon Home: A Tale of One Idea, Twenty Kids, and a Hundred Sea Turtles

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about the book

follow the moon home a tale of one idea twenty kids and a hundred sea turtles


Vivienne isn’t sure that she’ll be able to find her way—and place—in her new town and school.

Then her teacher, Mr. J., gives the whole class a project: find a problem to solve. How I am supposed to do that? I don’t even know the roads!

While riding her bike all over town looking for a problem (and getting really lost), Viv and her new friend Clementine find a dead baby sea turtle on the beach. The lights from the beach houses confused it into heading inland when it was supposed to follow the moonlight toward the sea.

That’s it! This is the problem Viv and classmates need to solve!

Can they convince the community to save the sea turtles? Will Viv find her way as she helps the turtles find theirs?teachingbooks-book

about the author

philippe-cousteauPhilippe Cousteau’s given name is a mouthful: Philippe-Pierre Jacques-Yves Arnault Cousteau Jr. He was born in Santa Monica, California, six months after his father died in a flying boat crash.

Even though he grew up in both the United States and France, Philippe graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland with a Master’s in History.

He’s established himself as an award-winning television host, producer, author, speaker, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur. You may recognize him from Nuclear Sharks during the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Philippe has been diving, rock climbing, trekking, and snowboarding all around the world, from the highlands of Papua New Guinea to war-torn Sarajevo. He was even the first person to scuba dive on television into the BP Oil Spill, which he helped cover for ABC’s Good Morning America.

In 2000, he founded EarthEcho International with his mother and sister to “empower youth to take action that protects and restores our water planet.” Philippe has lectured at the UN, Harvard University, and other institutions on environmental issues.

He and his wife Ashlan Gorse, an entertainment journalist, live in Los Angeles.

Author website
Author biography: Free Spirit Publishing
Author biography: Wikipediateachingbooks-author

about the author



Deborah Hopkinson is the author of more than forty books. Her favorite books are based on ordinary people in history and how they changed the world.

Deborah, the oldest of three girls, was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts. She loved to read so much that she’d hide a novel behind her big history textbooks and read in class. She always knew she would be a writer.

Deborah was the first person in her family to go to college. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Massachusetts and a master’s in Asian studies from the University of Hawaii.

Deborah met her husband, Andy (a winemaker) in Hawaii, where they lived for 19 years. They raised two children, Rebekah and Dimitri. Deborah started writing when Rebekah was three.

Andy and Deborah now live near Portland, Oregon, with their two dogs, two cats, and a canary. Deborah previously worked as the vice president in charge of fund raising for the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Sources :
Author website
Author biography: McElmeel

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about the illustrator

meilo so

Meilo So likes to speak of herself in poetry.

“Country of origin China

Made in Hongkong

Packaged in England

Domiciled in the Shetland Isles.”

With her childhood of travel and growing up, Meilo feels she has transcended a sort of “purist” outlook on life. She is the product of both the Western and the Eastern worlds—China and England—and has learned to be a world citizen, rather than identifying with one or the other.

Meilo changes the way she illustrates as the job requires: sometimes it is pencil or pen, painting with watercolor brushes or with gouache. Some of Meilo’s favorite subjects to illustrate include history, animals, children, magic, children, and sketches from real life.

Educated in Brighton, Meilo currently lives in Cullivoe, Scotland, on a northern isle in the Shetlands. Her work space, which she calls Paradise, is a red shed in the garden where, surrounded by geese and chickens, it overlooks the bay and the ocean beyond.

Illustrator website
Illustrator interview: Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

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Read a Rhyme, Write a Rhyme by Jack Prelutsky. Alfred A. Knopf. 2005.
Fairy Tales by e.e. cummings. Liveright. 2004.teachingbooks-illustrator

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Every Turtle Counts by Sara Hoagland Hunter
When autistic Mimi finds a sea turtle on the beach in Cape Cod, she refuses to leave it there. Locals think the turtle is dead, but someone from the Massachusetts Audubon Society says it might just be “cold-shocked.” Can Mimi help the turtle recover at an aquarium?






Steamboat School by Deborah Hopkinson
In 1847, even though James and his sister are free, they have to go to school in the dark basement of a church. Then a new law passes that forbids all African American education in Missouri. To keep teaching his students—including James and his sister—Reverend Meachum builds a new school that floats on the Mississippi River just outside the law’s boundary. This is based on the true story of a determined teacher and his bright students.



turtle summer a journal for my daughter


Turtle Summer : A Journal for My Daughter by Mary Alice Monroe
In a journal for her daughter, a young mother writes about her love for turtles. She gathers together photographs and her own nature drawings which showcase the loggerhead sea turtles. She shows her daughter how these turtles nest, how volunteers care for these endangered turtles’ nests, and how loggerheads fit into the ecosystem.